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Google analytics with Tag manager and Angular

In 2018, Google Tag Manager (GTM) became the best way to integrate Google Analytics (GA) into the your website. Here’s how to integrate a new Tag Manager SDK to your web app to track page views. Gues

How to install Ubuntu 20.04 alonside Windows 10?

So when I joined the new job I got handed a new Dell G3 3500 laptop with preinstalled windows. For all the purposes of the coding and running my scripts, i had to install ubuntu alongside it. These a

Rails Starter Template

Rails has support for powerful application templates that allow you to get up and running with new projects quickly and reliably. One common requirement we face is to setup a project with both API a

Django vs Flask - Which framework to choose

This headline you have heard many a times before. There is a lot of buzz going on with these two names whenever you are in a stage when you get confused about should I use Django or Flask for startin

GCP MySQL replica setup

CloudSQL is fully managed MySQL / PostgreSQL database system. CloudSQL reduces the workload for DBAs and anyone can easily manage even without a DBA. In many cases, people wants to have a replica of

How to Prune deep CNN based architectures?

​With more and more research and development of state of the art neural network models, the neural network models are becoming deeper and deeper although these models are much more accurate but they a

Mocking Enumerables in Rspec

Rails puts some really powerful mocking libraries at our disposal. As long as your models are backed by ActiveRecord, ActiveRecord Fixtures and Factory Bot are two very good libraries for mocking. M

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