Installing Tensorflow 2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 using docker. Run all experiments from a container.I have come across many developers who face serious issues when it comes to installing tensorflow on a linu

Ssl pining in android to avoid MITM attack

Man in the middle or MITM attack happens when a third party places itself between a connection. Let’s understand it with the context of an example. Consider that you are at a mall and connect to th

React unit testing with Jest and Enzyme

I don’t think I even have to inform you the importance of unit testing your code, so i’ll dive in on to unit testing with Jest and Enzyme. First of all what are Jest and Enzyme? Jest was created by F

Active Record Callback Surprises

Active Record is one of, if not the most, awesome tools in Rails. Its super intuitive and super powerful at the same time. Its callbacks and validations read naturally and provide immense functional

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