Installing Tensorflow 2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 using docker. Run all experiments from a container.I have come across many developers who face serious issues when it comes to installing tensorflow on a linu

Python and Kafka: message passing and more

Python and Kafka: message passing and moreAt many stages during a developer’s career, he/she has to build systems capable of communicating with another. For example, there may be two python programs a

Angular Maps | MarkerCluster

Marker ClusterThe marker clustering utility helps you to manage multiple markers at different zoom levels.When a user views the map at a high zoom level, the individual markers show on the map. Wh

Angular Charts Features

Animation ConfigurationChart.js animates charts out of the box. A number of options are provided to configure how the animation looks and how long it takes. The following animation options are ava

Flask + PyMongo Integration

Flask + PyMongo Integration In my college days I found quite difficulty regarding “How to integrate my application with the database”. May be most of us (mostly college students) still have the same


This is an era of mobile technology where everyone is a smartphone user. To be able to use a smartphone we need to ‘Interact’ with it. A simple touch with a finger to open an app is an example of this

Override Devise Auth Token Controllers

For authentication and token management at backend in Ruby On Rails we use devise-token-auth. Sometimes we need to update some of the following default behaviours:- Registration(via facebook, twitte


IntroductionThis post talks about a simple Convolution Neural Network (CNN) which is used torecognize characters i.e. Numeric and Alphabet. We have total 10 Numeric and 26Alphabets that sums up the to

Getting Started with Ruby on Rails

We recently inducted a couple of engineers into our Rails team. Both of them had a web frontend experience, but zero experience with Ruby or backend development. Thanks to the simplicity and convent

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